Oversight and Data
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Oversight and Data.

With a dashboard from D1 Insights, you can get a regular snapshot of anything from your sales, to employee performance in realtime. Securely delivered to support decision making that puts you back in control of your business. We can convert your data into actionable information presented in a clean and easy format, saving you time and money.

Management Reporting & Dashboards

We work with you to generate a frequent dashboard that shows you all the Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) that you need to make the right decisions and to uncover how your business is performing in a simple clean and valuable output. Every step of the way we are on hand to analyse, discuss and help dissect these dashboards and reports so that when you need to make that critical pitch, you have the answers.

Budget & Forecasting

With a budget and forecast in place you have the ability to paint the picture of where you want to end the year, next year and next 5 years. It shows you where the focus needs to be on cost cutting, and where more can be spent.

Cost savings & Negotiations

With our in depth analysis of your spend with key relationships we can help you negotiate rebates, discounts and better rates to keep your cash in your business and increase margins across the board. When you have the right data you can ensure you go into negotiations with the latest up to date breakdowns to present a solid base to support any offers and proposals.

Features of D1


Your data is exactly that, yours. With Enterprise Grade Security and strict internal controls we ensure compliance with the ISO 27001, a framework of policies and procedures that includes all legal, physical and technical controls involved in an organisation's information risk management processes.


The true cost of an employee can run at 1.85x their annual salary. We offer all the benefits of an in house financial reporting team, with none of the hidden costs or commitments. We never call in sick, don't need a pension and won't ask for promotions!


With fixed turnaround times and service contracts, you won't be waiting for the crucial reports that support you each month. You know exactly when you get your output which means no more emails to chase or deadlines missed.

Access to Experience

D1 Insights allows you to access the same reporting and analytics experience found in house at a FTSE250 and fortune 500 company without having to set up a full time team. With a range of industry knowledge and professional qualifications we have developed and refined the service over years of real business experience.


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D1 Insights did a great job creating a weekly DashBoard for our travel website. It provides us with oversight of several aspects of our website in a 1 page overview.

D1 did a fantastic job helping me with some reporting I needed for a presentation.

Great communication throughout and extemely professional and high quality reports were provided.